How To Care For Your Bulldog And Get Rewarded With The Animals Love

So you would like a bulldog. First things first: what breed do you want? There is the French bulldog, inpix the American, or my particular favourite, the good old British bulldog.

These wonderful and affectionate animals are a joy.

But think carefully, do you have the time and commitment to care for these bundles of fun?

You can look at a bulldog and think to yourself, bocoranadminriki “Well they are not very big they will not need much exercise.”

If this is what you have in your head buy some tropical fish and a tank, splitacdubai a bulldog will run you ragged. Granted they do not need the exercise some other breeds require, but ignore it at your peril.

Give the dog what it wants and the pleasure and love you receive back from these magnificent animals is boundless. kjro

1. They do need exercise and I do not apologise for repeating this.

2. If they are left on their own for long they will chew everything in sight, ofiz.lrb leave them in your back-yard without company and your best shrubs will be demolished, they love to dig. lytron

3. If you are out of the house most of the day and the dog is lonely, qau your sofa and shoes will suffer.

Having said all of this I hope I have not put you off these dogs, any dog needs exercise and company.

Just remember all dogs are pack animals and you as the owner are the head of the pack. After all who supplies all of the animals needs? Think about it folks.

If you are considering purchasing a bulldog use a reputable source. Over the years there has been far to much back-yard breeding, resulting in massive health problems for the bulldog. If you have difficulty in sourcing your pet find your nearest kennel club, they will point you in the right direction. animeloved

Bulldogs do have many health issues and you need to be aware of them. Your vet will become your new best friend.

Basically bulldogs are not long lived but if cared for properly with the help of your vet, they can have a life span of ten or twelve years.

This is just a review of what we have discussed already.

1. Bulldogs can be very stubborn they are geared like all dogs to do what they want to do. They are a powerful breed so good training is vital.

2. Bulldogs are fairly docile they love kids.

3. Kids love dogs so it is a two way street the dog is getting attention, the kids are getting the dogs love.

4. In hot weather make sure they do not get over heated, this will lead to breathing difficulties.

5. Not all vets are up to speed on bulldog health problems, your breeder will put you in touch with a specialist.

After reading this and you are convinced you still want to own a bulldog, go ahead and purchase one.


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