Cruising During the Recession – Save Money!

Vacationing during a recession may seem like a luxury that might not happen for some people. Fortunately there is an affordable method to enjoy yourself and relieve stress. This method comes in the form of a cruise. Cruises are an affordable luxury and rival the prices of a cheap hotel stay. Depending on the amount of people the cruise is cheap for both a family and a couple. For single people the cruise may look even more appealing. book a cruise

In a bad economy such as the one we are witnessing, there are small drops in the cruise lines revenues. This leads to ridiculous deals on cruise ships year around. On Norwegian Cruise lines the 3rd and 4th passengers are from $99. Other cruise lines have special deals for the children to ride free. For taking a cruise with family keep to a strict budget. The money you save on the base cruise price can easily be spent on extras one your on the cruise.

Book your own shore excursions. Spending time on the internet looking for excursions ahead of time will save you money. Another method of overcharging the passengers is by selling excursions for pumped up prices. Doing a little bit of research on the islands will allow you to enjoy more of your time on vacation.

Drive to the location of the cruise port. Airfare can add to the prices of the cruises and sometimes may even cost just as much as the cruise itself. If you can take the time off to drive to the cruise ports (Usually Florida) then you can save loads of cash. In order to try and drive to the port the suitcases should be well planned out so that you can maximize your car space. Don’t limit yourself to one port though because their are more than 20 cruise ports within the United States. There is definitely one within driving range from your residence. For more info plese visit here:- cruises booking
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Comparing the prices of different vacations shows the great deals on a cruise. Let me compare the prices for two people on a vacation. One hundred dollars a night is a fairly cheap price for a hotel stay. Now add in three meals a day and your at about 100 more dollars. Other activities and excursions would cost under 50 bucks a day on top of this. The average cost for a cruise is 88 dollars a day. The difference per day is substantial for a couple and even larger for families. In conclusion, cruises are a affordable and enjoyable vacation.


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