Reiki Self Healing 101

The word reiki in it’s original form is actually made up of two separate words, or to be more accurate, two different ideas or concepts.

Firstly, “rei”, meaning Universal Life Energy, bunnydirectories which symbolizes the Spiritual Consciousness or the All-Knowing.

The teachings of Mikao is mainly based on the word “ki”. In it’s simplest form, ki would refer to Vital Energy or Breath. Ki symbolizes the Life Force or Vital Radiant Energy. You can see from the word definitions, why Mikao’s life work was based on creating better “ki” within people.

Reiki is the special method by which ki is channeled energy which helps to relax the physical body through positively charging our chakras or natural energy centers.

This Japanese healing method is used by countless people all over the world to help them speed up their mental, emotional and physical recovery.

You Can Heal Yourself with Reiki

It is possible for a person to attune him- or herself to the Source and channel pure ki to him or her. This is one of the major reasons why reiki is so popular today.

Being able to heal yourself with reiki, clearing your own chakras and improving your overall well-being in the comfort of your own home is a much more rewarding experience than having to travel to reiki practitioner for regular treatments.

Reiki is known as a non-invasive healing method that gently and systematically produced pure healing energy in the following energetic bodies of a person:


  1. The Etheric
  2. The Spirit or Soul
  3. The Physical
  4. The Mental
  5. The Emotional


The steps required to learn reiki Self Healing:

1. The Four Symbols of Reiki – Attuning

You will need to learn how to “air-write” the Four Symbols of reiki. I normally start off by teaching my patients to write the symbols on their hands with a finger. As they progress, they are taught to write the symbols with a finger in the air. The channeling of ki works a lot better when the air writing technique is used. But it does take a bit of practice to perfect. For more info please visit these sites:-


  • Symbol One: “Cho Ku Rei” – meaning Power
  • Symbol Two: “Sei He Ki “- meaning Mental or Emotional
  • Symbol Three: “Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen” – meaning Distance Healing
  • Symbol Four: “Dai Ko Myo” – meaning Master


The main function of drawing the symbols in the air, is to attune oneself for the healing process that is about to start.

2. Meditation

After the attunement process explained above, it is time to do some meditation. The meditation is started by performing “Gassho”. Gassho is the act of assuming the meditation form by holding the palms against each other in the prayer position. You would not have to meditate very long (normally about 5 to 10 minutes would be enough).


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