Hardy Flowers For Summer Weddings

Having a warm weather wedding? It is important to choose elements which can withstand the heat so that your wedding decorations will look as good at the end of the day as they do at the beginning. Take a look at this guide to the flowers which will be hardy enough for your summer wedding.

June is the start of the summer wedding season. Picture a lace bridal gown with pearl wedding jewelry and what else – roses. After all, just as the pearl jewelry is perfect since pearls are the birthstone for June, so are the roses, which are the birth flower for the month. Great news, 7mgg June brides: roses are also good in the heat. So gather up a stunning bouquet of the most classic wedding flower, and be confident that your flowers will look as good when you toss your bouquet as they did when you first carried them down the aisle.

Looking for a sophisticated take on summer wedding flowers? Look no further than cymbidium orchids. These ultra-stylish blooms are a good choice for a warm day, and will add instant elegance to your wedding. A true symbol of luxury, cymbidium orchids are available in a rainbow array of colors, manguerose from hip green to classic white to passionate pinks. A single blossom makes an attractive boutonierre for the groom which will endure all day long. For a fresh look, place a few stems of cymbidium orchids in a vase and submerge them underwater. Just like that, they make a striking centerpiece, or go for over-the-top posh centerpieces by adding a large bouquet of flowers on the top.

Another popular wedding flower which can take the heat is the calla lily. Good thing, too, because these elegant beauties come in some marvelous hues for a high summer wedding. Bright yet sophisticated colors like mango and flame can be used to create unforgettable centerpieces and bouquets. Add in some yellow callas for the perfect summery color palette. Mini callas work very well for round nosegays, roomideaor create striking arm bouquets of the full size calla lilies.

Maybe casual cheerful flowers are more your style. Summer favorites like white daisies with yellow centers are perfect for an informal outdoor wedding. They are simplicity at its best: simply pop a bunch of daisies into a pitcher or vase for a charming centerpiece which will look lovely for the whole wedding. After all, where do you think the expression “fresh as a daisy” originates? From these sweet wilt-resistant blossoms, of course. For a richer colored wildflower, use black eyed Susans, which have similar petals to daisies, but with a distinctive domed center. The petals are yellow and the middle is dark brown. These would be ideal for a Maryland bride, as black eyed “Susies” are the state flower.

There are some excellent choices for late summer flowers which are very hardy. Sunflowers make a great transition from late August into the early fall when the weather is still quite warm in many regions. The mini sunflowers are especially versatile, and can be used with lots of yellow flowers to give them a more summery style, or combined with rich reds and oranges to emphasize the coming of autumn. Looking for still more options for hardy summer wedding flowers? Choices abound, including carnations, mums, dahlias, marigolds, spaice baby’s breath, and wax flowers. With so many gorgeous options, you can be sure to find wedding flowers which are perfect for your wedding, no matter how hot the weather.


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