Philosophy 101: Where Did We Come From: Where Are We Headed? Answers From Science and a Best-Seller

The tragedy of most best-selling books like Roots, is that they fail to grasp a higher truth beyond life’s oft-twisted circumstances. If we think we came from apes, we may act as slave traders or slave owners. copart

Man’s inhumanity to man reflects our failure to comprehend a better answer than evolution offers in survival of the fittest. Darwin believed that missing links between various life forms would be found, but 150+ years have passed and where are these “missing links”? While we admit microevolution within a species, we still have no evidence that a cat can evolve into a dog or a monkey into a human.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics says the energy systems of the universe tend to run down unless acted upon by some outside force (God?). We all know that our garage tends to disorganization without serious effort. How did our solar system get here with planets suspended in orbit around the sun?

If we think planets just exploded off the sun, how did planets like Jupiter get 63 moons to orbit around it-did the moons also explode from the planet? And wouldn’t an explosion give jagged pieces rather than the rounded sphere that we see at night? And why wouldn’t gravity pull the moon eventually back to collide with earth?

One of the greatest minds of all times was Sir Isaac Newton who invented calculus and formulated the laws of motion and gravity. He also built the first practical reflecting telescope. He saw great meaning in Scripture. From his study of Bible chronology, he concluded earth’s history from Creation would be 6,000 years in 2000 AD. woles4d

We might wonder his reaction to this factoid… “May 5, 2000: The date that Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will line up with the sun and moon-the first time in 6,000 years.” TIME Magazine, January 17, 2000.

Famed atheist Antony Flew, when confronted by the complexity of DNA and the impossibility that we evolved by chance, changed his mind to believe in God. How did complex reactions develop so that the many enzymes need for the clotting of blood all develop simultaneously? Etc, etc, etc. Aluminium schuifpui

When we consider our opportunities for research, we must admit our inability to do a scientific study of this topic with two universes-one with God and one without. The possibility that God exists outside the 1% of all knowledge that anyone might possess is huge, especially if we consider that thousands of scientists believe that God is the best explanation behind the Intelligent Design we see in the universe from tiny atoms with electrons orbiting them to gigantic solar systems with planets orbiting them.

By contrast, scientists who don’t believe in the existence of God are ready to increase or diminish the period of earth’s of development by millions of years so often and with theories that conflict with one another. Are we so eager to believe that we came from germs, clams and apes that we reject a lineage prouder than any monarch, “which was the son of Adam, which was the son of God.”? Luke 3:38. sellersplanet

It’s a damnable thing to ban the Bible from classrooms while teaching theories of atheists, some of whom admit they don’t accept the Bible because it conflicts with the morality of their lifestyle and they are not prepared to accept the responsibility that faith in the Scriptures would involve.

Like a junk-food diet for the body, we prefer mainstream media with its crime, sex and violent excitement to the dull reading of God’s Word. But in the end, our question of where did we come from begs an answer from our second question, Where are we going? bbcforbes

A look at our world suggests that in the end, if we choose a life disinterested in our Creator, that as another famed atheist agonized on his deathbed–“I will go to hell.” With signs of the Apocalypse impending, if we aren’t interested in answers that God offers, in spite of His love for us, it could turn out that in the end, the feelings may be mutual.


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