Home Solar Power Systems – Pros and Cons

Poor economic conditions combined with rising energy costs have many people searching for energy alternatives. Many families are “going green” by installing home solar power systems. What are the pros and cons of sun generated electricity? Take a few minutes to examine the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy technology. batterystoragehome

First lets look at the disadvantages of switching to solar power.

1) Cost. The initial cost of purchasing a system large enough to replace your utility company can be quite high. New installed systems begin in price at $20,000 and go up from there.

2) Space. A system capable of high home energy efficiency requires a large area for the solar panels. Most installations are roof mounted. This does utilize existing space but it alters the appearance of your home.

3) Limited power generation. Efficient power generation แทงบอลที่ดีที่สุด only occurs when the sun is shining. Night time electrical needs must be met by a battery storage system or by buying power from the local utility.

Now lets examine some of the reasons you should consider switching to a sustainable energy source such as solar.

1) Free energy. Once set up, the source of the electricity (the sun) is free. It greatly reduces or eliminates your electric bill. Maintenance is minimal; keep the panels clean and replace storage batteries as needed.

2) Potential income. If you generate excess power, you can sell it to your local electric company. Imagine your electric meter running in reverse and getting a monthly check from the electric company.

3) Green technology. Solar energy is clean and environmentally friendly energy. It does not pollute, create smog, acid rain or contribute to global warming. In addition, your eco friendly house will help reduce our country’s dependence on unreliable foreign sources of energy.

4) Energy from the sun is renewable and sustainable. The sun comes up every day. Even on cloudy days you will produce some electricity.

Reducing your dependence on the electric company while improving the environment are powerful reasons to switch to solar power. However, e commerce app do these benefits outweigh the disadvantage of a large initial cash outlay? Economic payback for a professionally installed solar power system, depending upon the cost of your current electricity, can run up to 20 years.

If you want to go green without the high cost, consider making and installing your own solar panels. Hundreds of families have done just that and are now reaping the benefits of clean, sustainable energy. Recent advances in the manufacture of solar cells combined with the ready availability of quality plans make installing your own home solar energy system a doable project. quoras


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